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Edamame $5.00 each
Vegetarian Freshly steamed Soybeans sprinkled with Salt.

Maguro Yamakake $9.95 each
Tuna with Japanese Mountain Yam

Vegetable Croquette $5.95 each
Vegetarian Breaded and Deep-Fried Potatoes with Vegetables

Maguro Natto $9.95 each
Fermented Soybeans over Raw Tuna

Age Dashi Tofu $5.95 each
Vegetarian Fried Tofu in Tempura Sauce and Ginger Garnish

Ika Shiokara $7.95 each
Salt preserved Squid

Vegetable Tempura $7.95 each
Vegetarian Assorted Vegetables fried in Tempura Batter

Kinpira Gobo $5.50 each
Vegetarian Stir-fried spicy Burdock Root

Ika Natto $7.95 each
Fermented Soybeans over Squid

Oshinko $4.95 each
Vegetarian Assortment of Japanese Pickled Vegetables

Ika Nuta $7.95 each
Squid and Scallions in Mustard Miso Sauce

Nira Liva Itame $8.95 each
Sautéed Leeks and Liver

Gyoza/Teriyaki Gyoza $5.95 each
Vegetable (Vegetarian), Pan-Fried, or Teriyaki Dumplings

Ikura Oroshi $9.95 each
Salmon Roe and grated Daikon Radish

Tako Yaki $5.95 each
Fried Baby Octopus Dumplings

Uzaku $9.95 each
Eel and Cucumber marinated in Vinegar

Shrimp Tempura $9.95 each
Shrimp and Vegetables fried in Tempura Batter

Shirasu Oroshi $7.95 each
Baby Waterfish with grated Daikon Radish

Chicken Karaage $7.95 each
Japanese-Style Boneless Fried Chicken

Ika Shogayaki $7.95 each
Sautéed Squid with Ginger Sauce

Chicken Yakitori $6.95 each
Grilled Skewered Chicken with Salt or Yakitori Sauce

Satsuma Age $5.95 each
Grilled Fish Cake

Ebi Shumai $6.95 each
Steamed Shrimp Dumplings

Hokke Hiraki $14.95 each
Dried and Grilled Atka Mackerel

Chashu $8.95 each
Braised and Sliced Pork

Hamachi Kamayaki $16.95 each
Grilled Yellowtail Collar

Chicken Wings $7.95 each
Chicken deep-fried in Tempura Batter

Saba/Sanma Shioyaki $8.95 each
Mackerel or Spanish Mackerel grilled with Salt

Soft-Shell Karaage $11.95 each
Deep-Fried Soft-Shell Crab served with tangy Ponzu Sauce

Ebi Chili Sauce $10.95 each
Lightly Fried Shrimp stir-fried in a Spicy Chili Sauce

Geso Karaage $8.95 each
Battered and Fried Squid Leg

Oishi Chicken $8.95 each
Fried Chicken with Sweet Chili Sauce

Kushi Katsu $7.95 each
Breaded and Deep-Fried Pork and Onions on a skewer

Oden $22.95 each
Fish Cakes and Vegetables in a Soy-Flavored Dashi Broth

Suomono $10.95 each
Fresh Shrimp, Octopus, Squid and Whitefish in vinegar

Unagi Kabayaki $24.95 each
BBQ River Eel grilled in a special sauce

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