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Dinner Menu
Served with Rice, Miso Soup and Salad

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Chicken Teriyaki $16.95 each
Grilled Chicken served with Teriyaki Sauce

Tonkatsu $15.95 each
Breaded and Fried Pork or Chicken Cutlet

Shrimp Tempura $18.95 each
Breaded and Fried Shrimp and Assorted Vegetables

Salmon Teriyaki $16.95 each
Grilled Salmon served with Teriyaki Sauce

Salmon Shio Yaki $16.95 each
Salmon grilled with Salt

Saba Shio Yaki $11.95 each
Fresh Mackerel grilled with Salt

Sanma Shio Yaki $11.95 each
Fresh Spanish Mackerel grilled with Salt

Oishi Bento $28.95 each
Assorted Japanese Appetizers, Shrimp and Vegetable

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