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Served with soup and salad.

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

1. Sushi Regular $16.95 each
1 roll and 6 pieces of Nigiri Sushi.

2. Sushi Deluxe $22.95 each
1 roll and 8 pieces of Nigiri Sushi. (Includes Uni and AmaEbi)

3. Sushi for Two $35.95 each
2 Rolls (Califonia and Spicy tuna Roll) and 14 pieces of Nigiri Sushi.

4. Combination Sunomono $8.95 each

5. Inari Sushi (2 Pieces) $3.00 each

6. Tuna Don $19.95 each
Fresh tuna over sushi rice bowl.

7. Salmon Don $18.95 each
Fresh salmon over sushi rice bowl.

8. Chirashi $19.95 each
Assorted sashimi over sushi rice bowl.

9. Battera (6 Pieces) $11.95 each
Boxed Sushi; Saba (Mackerel) - Sake (Salmon)

10. Unagi Kabayaki $24.95 each

11. Unaju $19.95 each
Flame broiled and marinated fresh eel over a bed of rice.

12. Oishi Bento $24.95 each
Assorted Japanese appetizers: shrimp and vegetable tempura, sushi and sashimi served in a traditional Japanese Bento.

13. Omakase Sushi
Chef's best assortment of Sushi for two or more persons. Market Price

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